World Children’s Day 2020

What children need is a secure bond with their parents. Parents whom the young person can trust and by whom he or she can orientate himself or herself.

The motto of World Children’s Day 2020 is „Children’s rights create the future“ – but what do children really need? The final report of the Federal Youth Representation of May 2018 states: „Children have numerous needs. To satisfy those needs requires money: Costs for housing, food, clothing, care, education, leisure activities and much more must be paid for“. (Source: „What all children need“ final report, Vienna, May 2018, commissioned by the Federal Youth Representation)

In the report of the Federal Youth Representation, only needs for goods and commodities for school and leisure are mentioned. These resources are necessary and important, but they are not primary but secondary needs. What are the primary needs of children?

Scientists where looking for the formula of children’s needs, to be happy. A loving upbringing, a balanced diet, structures and limits, the ability to gain experience and make mistakes and a secure future. Who is providing those needs for a secure future?

“We don’t know what children need”, says André Stern, author of books – „..and I was never at school“ or „Enthusiasm: rediscovering the energy of childhood“ and protagonist of the film Alphabet, “every child is different, but we can observe what they are looking for – the safe haven. The child has experienced this safe haven for nine months in the mother’s womb. The first experience a child has in the womb is: „My autonomy, my growth is rooted in connectedness“. So, the safe haven is the place, where you have experienced You are loved as you are, says André Stern.

What children need is a secure bond with their parents. Parents whom the young person can trust, whom he can orientate himself by. Children need this safe haven in their childhood, adolescence and also in adulthood.